About me

Gabi Gal is a writer, singer song writer, intuitive coach & painter/designer, Youtuber World & Youtuber Brazil.

She has published +44 books on personal development, many of which are channeled as she has channeled words and sounds since she was little. She stepped on stage for the first time when she was around 7 years old, on acting school when she was 6 pushed by her father because she was very shy. Since then, she has taken part in many plays and musicals as she also started to sing and tour around Rio de Janeiro – until she moved to Sweden around her 20’s. In Sweden, she gained further university education after studied engineering and arts, she got a masters on peace and development work and doctoral education on entrepreneurship & coaching. During last years, she studied Western, Eastern medicine, music and healing arts & went back to creating and producing music with different artists and teaching music at a Swedish school.

Over the years, her coaching and coaching programs have grown, she has started different social development and coaching/ mentoring projects but also integrated her psychic mediumship healing, which she her work and art creations. You can find some reviews of her public and private coaching here. She is the founder of Leadership Hub, center for universal leadership of conscious empathic leaders – integrating body, mind, consciousness and the planet.