Here are some books by dr Gabi. She has decided to only make her +44 books available through For those interested in supporting her pure work of sharing wisdom and intuitive knowledge to humanity, healing relationships, improving human’s self-leadership and evolution of consciousness, you are welcome to order the books below and get access to them right away.

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Divine Feminine – Healing your personal power and feminine energy and integrating your full essence by Gabi Gal. This book is perfect if you want to be on purpose, develop intimacy in your relationships and grow as a person, regaining trust in yourself, contact with your own source of power, feeling more secure, healing your inner child, the relationship with mother, connection with your inner being, finding alignment, embracing better relationships with yourself and others, allowing your vulnerability, healing from trauma and abusive relationships, relationships with narcissists, psychic abuse, society and cultural abuse, power struggles, heart-breaks, disappointments, lack of passion and disconnect with your creativity and desire for life, depression, control needs, closed-off, loneliness and aloneness, want to find inner peace, want to heal your past wounds, past-life trauma, wounds in your reproductive organs, past fears and ancestral memories.

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The Human Experiment by Gabi Gal. This is a very special book channeled from the highest realms of knowledge and wisdom about the human life and depths of relationships on this planet. This book carries important messages and shared wisdom from the author and conversations with the spirit world, collective consciousness and ethereal beings transmitting messages about different lessons many people go through on Earth as well as help readers in understanding the depths of relationships that many people do not see. That includes information about human life, accessing wisdom that is not seen for many people and energies that are influencing on people’s paths, decisions and connections. It is a very deep book. Because of that, if you have no soul awareness, perhaps this book is far too advanced for you. Yet if you can perceive energies and have mastered your emotional intelligence someway, you can definitely benefit from this book along your journey, improve your self-leadership and make better decisions in your life, saving you from painful and challenging situations as well as finishing cycles, starting new ones and clearing old negative karmic patterns. This book is definitely a gift in your healing journey as well as learning to tap into greater part of your superconscious mind for perceiving yourself and others from a higher place.

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11 ways to unlock your creativity by Gabi Gal is a guide book to help you remove creative blocks and get your energy flow going. You can tap into your greater potential as a human being by activating your creative flow. For many creative people, entrepreneurs, leaders, the flow may be challenged at many times – that is especially true if you are very creative. Here you will learn valuable information that may help you tap into your creativity and understand what may have blocked you as well.


Mastering Yourself, an intuitive handbook, by Gabi Gal is a book that helps you discover deeper parts within yourself as well as introduce you to a holistic and integrative coaching method that Gabi has researched and tested internationally – integrating body, mind, consciousness and surroundings. This method has been furthered developed after this book and have been the basis of the coaching work and education on Mastering Yourself is a fantastic book if you want to merge both research and wisdom. If you have migrated, know someone who has moved to another country, went through a place of transition in your job, employment, business, unemployment, family, educational field, children, life crisis, and want to get perspective as how to get over, transform, expand your self-leadership to a higher level… this book will be a great aid for you, employee or your loved one. Click here to access the book.


Healing Karmic Relationships by Gabi Gal is a book that helps you tap into wounds and unhealed relationships, relationship conflicts and meetings with different people in your life. It can help you heal and understand your relationships better as well as underlying reasons to why you experienced the situations in your life you may be thinking of. Karmic Relationships can be pre-determined before you were born but here we are talking about relationships where there may be unresolved situations and you may want to find peace, resolution, greater understanding and feel at peace in your relationships or experience true love in your life. Click here to access the book.


The LadyBug and the Bear by Gabi Gal is a child book story that helps teach children but even adults, relationship choices, life events, potential healing, individuality and individuation of people, talents and life journeys. Click here to access the book.

The Number 1 Leader Book by Gabi Gal is a state-of-the-art leadership book that helps you tap into your full potential as a leader, helping you identify problem and challenging areas in your leadership, teambuilding, emotional intelligence, relationships, health and much more… You will learn not only by Gabi Gal’s experience in the field of leadership and coaching research’s new knowledge area to become a Number 1 Leader, even if you are an empathic and sensitive leader who finds it hard to claim your space and find balance amongst people with different opinions and behaviour in your workplace, at home or in your surroundings. This book is a perfect assessment tool as well as give you more clarity on how to proceed with your leadership growth, giving you valuable tips. Click here to access the book.


There are plenty other books but only available to the author’s current students and clients for security reasons, she is only teaching certain knowledge to the right people.


Online Workshops, Coaching and Leadership Education

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When booking a coaching program with Gabi Gal, you will get education and access to some of her books at the same time. Some books are only taught & shared to students and clients.

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Unique words about our coaching

Here is why you cannot find this opportunity to be coached this way somewhere else…

  • She blends evidence-based knowhow from different fields of science with intuitive guidance & advice, which has shown to have a very quick effect already from the first session
  • Many people who have been coached by Gabi Gal during the last decades have shown rapid improvements and healing of relationships, above all their relationships with themselves. That has led to deep improvements in other areas of their lives, such as work, business, health, purpose and love.
  • There are many coaches who use standard coaching methods and there are intuitives, psychic and mediums who have contact with subtle realities but only few have the capacity to merge both worlds. Gabi has a vast experience and knowledge database as well as intuitive gifts, helping you as well balance your both brain hemisphere and enable you to achieve heart-mind coherence. Yet beyond that, even connect you with a more atemporal part of you, your inner being, source, soul and other timelines.
  • Gabi Gal teaches about intuitive development and has written +44 books about personal development and healing relationships. You are guided by a teacher that teaches you to become your own teacher.
  • Founder of She believes that when you take on a leadership role of your life learning how to function from a higher consciousness, tapping into the intelligence of your body, mind, inner being and the collective (society, community, family), you can also help heal others and co-create a more beautiful place for us to be. Therefore, we do this work to help empathic leaders be stronger and take more place in their own places and societies.
  • Gabi Gal has vast knowledge on entrepreneurship, research in the field as well as across ethnicities, long-term experience in project management, setting and implementing visions, leading teams, social media and can help you get valuable insights and knowledge in the field.

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