One of the biggest problem in humanity is troublesome relationships. There is many times drama, sorrow, disappointment, sadness, frustration, anger, fear… especially in families, where we have our closest connections. Besides that, in our love relationships, where love should be present – there is the biggest number of violence, threats and painful situations. Instead of leading to happiness and love, many people experience just the opposite.

We want to change that. Relationships affect your health but they also affect your community at different levels, your children, descendents and human planet generations.

It is the poor relationship many humans have that have created negative effects in nature, pollution, abuse of animals and one another.

If you are here, you agree that these things should change. And it starts with ourselves. We can change the world around us through tapping into the world within ourselves. Yet most methods out there are slow, only tap into your mindset or emotions, even use separated methods as many of the human occupations.

We help you connect the dots quicker, identifying and removing the cause. Many people… visionaries, entrepreneurs, coaches working with us… experience quick changes and strong outcomes, that go beyond the mind and the law of attraction that is quite slow – because there are other factors that are in the play in different dimensions.

Suffering is meant to stop now. If you are reading this, you are called to take the next step to avoid spending time, energy and negative experiences within yourself that can affect your health, body, work, occupation, business and your future. The cost of continuing to suffer in silence is huge. A person can not only lose millions of the consequences of past hurts in relationships but also lose the opportunities that come to them because they have no energy or they can’t see it.

We help you remove the blocks. Removing the blocks can be quick and don’t need time for it.

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Some of Gabi’s testimonials

Merike explains about her experience working with Gabi Gal, finding out the reason of her health issues from her relationship challenges during many years.
Juliana, entrepreneur from Brazil, explains her experience working with Gabi Gal in her program to heal relationships, challenges, improve wellness that led her to start and grow her business.
Katja, entrepreneur transformational coach, explains her experience in Gabi Gal’s program that helped her identify and heal relationship challenges, expand her consciousness and learn to use her gifts/ intuition at a greater level.